Private jet charter

Business aviation services

Nowadays business aviation is in demand being the quickest and most contemporary means of transportation to any place of the world. Business aviation aircrafts of foreign (Boeing, Hawker) as well as Russian (Tu, Yak) manufacturers, economy-class aircrafts as well as helicopters are at your disposal if you turn to "EastUnion". Our experienced personnel will help you to select the type of the aircraft, finding an optimal combination of price, quality and route. Giving preference to business aviation is getting more and more popular today for business people value comfort and time.

It should be noted that business aviation is aimed at people who appreciate efficiency of this kind of flights and appropriate service. Onboard EastUnion's aircraft you will be able to manage your business and carry on negotiations (some of the airplanes are equipped with separate conference-rooms, as well as computers, faxes and satellite telephones). You will enjoy yourself and relax during the flight, treat yourself to exquisite masterpieces of our first-class chefs, watch your favorite films and listen to music. So as to say, business aviation has become an integral part of life of business people.

To speed up the process of registration and other customs formalities we arrange our customers to stay in VIP-hall facilities of the airports (inc. Sheremetyevo, Bikovo and Vnukovo) while our representatives handle these processes. Business aviation is also convenient because it allows you to wait for the flight or rest after the arrival in the VIP-hall, as well as use some other services rendered. Using business aviation will save your priceless time while our managers take care of your comfort.

The list of services rendered by "EastUnion" includes not only business aviation VIP-charters and air-taxi, but also renting yachts, booking hotels and arranging transfer in any part of the world. Using business aviation guarantees the customer absolute confidentiality. And remember that facilities of business aviation are suited to the customer. Using our services you don't depend on the schedule of regular flights of any airlines.