Service on board

Vip-halls services

Our company will help you to obtain a visa or a foreign passport. Considering your wishes, we will book for you an aircraft and will calculate its value. Due to the existing VIP-halls you could save your time while going through passport control and customs. In VIP-Halls, which exist in almost every Moscow airport, you could wait for your flight or have a rest after your arrival. You could have a drink at the bar or surf through the Web or send your colleagues an e-mail.

You may also choose an airport of arrival or departure, including such airports as "Bikovo", "Tchkalovsky" or "Ostafievo".

In "Sheremetyevo" you may have a rest in "Premier" or "Lukoil" terminals. Or maybe you would like Business Aviation Centre in "Sheremetyevo 1".

In Vnukovo you may choose among such terminals as "Vnukovo 3" and "Cosmos" or a VIP-hall in "Vnukovo 1".

There are several VIP-terminals in "Domodyedovo": "Avkom", Business Aviation Centre and a VIP-hall of departure.

Halls and terminals on the map